STUDENT SERVICES, C por A Santo Domingo:

The truth is, we are experienced in all aspects of educational tourism.  There's really no limit to the services we can provide to students and researchers.  What do you need?  Among the most frequently requested services that we provide are:

  • PRE-ARRIVAL/ARRIVAL--We offer pre-arrival coordination and organization of your custom-designed program, including assistance with choice of courses and facilities, presentations, tours and travel arrangements, special events, lodging, etc., and pre-arrival orientations, if desired. A large selection of maps and guides to the country are available, which can be sent out ahead of time. Arrival assistance includes airport greeting, clearance through Dominican Customs and Immigration, arrangement of transportation, etc.
  • LODGING ARRANGEMENTS--There is a wide range of accommodation choices in the capital, from international pensiónes, to hotels of all levels (including one which is a favorite for student groups because of its pool, central location and "super suites" with two double bedrooms connected to one shared kitchen/living room), studios, apartments, and host families.
  • GENERAL ORIENTATIONS--We provide general orientations to the country, culture, economy, politics, people.... and to specific regions or topics. The orientations are tailored to meet the particular needs of your group.
  • CLASSES--Classes for information only and/or for high-school or university credit are available in Spanish language and literature, in Dominican history, culture, geography, economy, hotel & restaurant management, tourism, medicine.... Classes are tailored by us and/or arranged with local academies and institutions as required to meet the particular needs of your group. (*See Details of Most Popular Classes & Tours.)
  • SPECIALISTS--We will make recommendations, then contact and schedule local specialists for classes, presentations, interviews, photo sessions, etc., designed to meet the particular needs of your group.
  • TOURS OF ALL SORTS--Whether your group will be staying a short time or for an extended period, primarily in the capital or traveling about the island, we can recommend, organize, and lead the tours that give special zest and insight to your stay in the Dominican Republic. Some of the most popular tours include those of the Zona Colonial; Santo Domingo by night; the country's beaches and tourist resorts; agricultural centers; archaeological sites; and a wide variety of historical sites, artisan colonies, national parks and recreation areas--caving, scuba diving and snorkeling, horseback riding and whitewater rafting are increasingly popular here. Additionally, we can arrange adventure trips to climb Pico Duarte, the highest peak in the entire Caribbean; whale-watching excursions in Samaná Bay and other eco-tour destinations; tours to Haiti and Cuba, and tours dedicated to the indigenous peoples of the island, the Taínos. (*See "Most Popular Classes & Tours," and "Taino Tours.")
  • SOCIAL EVENTS--We can arrange all kinds of social events to promote Dominican/foreign cultural and educational interchange. Welcoming parties and "fiestas de despedidas" are especially popular.
  • SPORTS--Want to play baseball in San Pedro de Macorís, where Sammy Sosa comes from? Or participate in a community-sponsored basketball game? Or scuba dive the wreck of an ancient Spanish galleon? Swim beneath a cascading waterfall? See or participate in a world-class wind-surfing competition? What about golf, whitewater rafting, mountain climbing, mountain biking, caving, horseback riding, snorkeling? They're all available here-and more!

Other Services available include 

(but are not limited to):

  • INTERNSHIPS/APPRENTICESHIPS—We help place qualified students in training positions in the hotel/resort, restaurant, international banking and finance, manufacturing, communications or other industries.

  • TRANSLATIONS--Spoken or written translations available to/from English, Spanish, French, Italian, German and Russian.
  • COMMUNICATIONS ASSISTANCE--The communications industry in the Dominican Republic is state-of-the-art. The most commonly required services for short-term visitors are cell phone or beeper rental, fax sending and retrieval, and Internet access, but we can also arrange for audio/visual equipment rental, or for such things as brochure or book design and publication, website design.... We'll help you get whatever you may need.
  • RESEARCH ASSISTANCE--We have extensive experience and connections with the country's principal archives in the Capital and in Santiago, as well as with the top libraries and universities, and owners of private collections of books, documents, and artifacts. We can help you speed up your research capabilities while you are here, or find documents and other information for you without need for you to come in person--this can often save you not only time, but money.